Amaury Forgeot d'Arc avatar Amaury Forgeot d'Arc committed c470cec

Another attempt to fix the boehm/thread interaction.

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         eci = eci.merge(ExternalCompilationInfo(
-            post_include_bits=['#define PYPY_USING_BOEHM_GC'],
+            # The following define is required by the thread module,
+            # See module/thread/test/
+            compile_extra=['-DPYPY_USING_BOEHM_GC'],
         return eci


 /* Thread implementation */
 #include "src/thread.h"
+/* The following include is required by the Boehm GC, which apparently
+ * crashes when pthread_create_thread() is not redefined to call a
+ * Boehm wrapper function instead.  Ugly.
+ */
+#include "common_header.h"
 #ifdef _WIN32
 #include "src/thread_nt.c"
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