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test, fix repr() for StringArray

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-from _numpypy import array, ndarray, int_, float_, bool_ #, complex_# , longlong
+from _numpypy import array, ndarray, int_, float_, bool_, flexible #, complex_# , longlong
 from _numpypy import concatenate
 from .fromnumeric import any
 import math
             typename = "'%s'" % typename
         lf = ''
-        if 0: # or issubclass(arr.dtype.type, flexible):
+        if issubclass(arr.dtype.type, flexible):
             if arr.dtype.names:
                 typename = "%s" % str(arr.dtype)


         assert a[0]['x'] == 'a'
     def test_stringarray(self):
-        from _numpypy import array
+        from _numpypy import array, flexible
         a = array(['abc'],'S3')
         assert str(a.dtype) == '|S3'
         a = array(['abc'])
         from _numpypy import array
         a = array(['abc'],'S3')
         s = repr(a)
-        # simplify \n in repr
+        # simplify test for \n in repr
         assert s.replace('\n', '') == "array(['abc'],       dtype='|S3')"
+        # but make sure it exists
+        assert s.find('\n') == 15
         a = array(['abc','defg','ab'])
         s = repr(a)
         assert s.replace('\n', '') == \
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