F4 Features

Written in: Fantom Licence: MIT

Plugins for the Xored F4 Fantom IDE.

F4 Features currently boasts support for:


To install F4 Features, download the latest .zip from the F4 Features Downloads Page.

From within F4 visit the main menu and click Help -> Install new software... Drag and drop the downloaded .zip file into the dialogue window.

To see 'F4 Add-Ons' you may need to de-select Group items by category as shown below.

Installing F4 Features

Click next and follow on screen instructions.

Fantom Pod Manager

The Fantom Pod Manager feature adds support for using an Fantom Pod Manager Environment within F4.

After installing you should be able to select FpmEnv from the standard Fantom Env preferences dialogue.

Fantom Env Dialogue

A project that uses FpmEnv will resolve all its dependencies via the usual FPM means of fpm.props files. F4 will use the project's Fantom interpreter and imported environment variables (PATH_ENV) to find the fpm.props files.

On a successful build, pods may be optionally published to a named repository.

Note that if a dependent project is open in F4, it will be used as a dependency regardless of version.