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Documentation for custom database flush

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     It looks like Django is not switching back to "null" translations once any translation has been selected. make_translations=False will thus return lastly-activated translation.
+.. _syncdb-messing:
+Messing with syncdb
+You may be doing something irresponsible like, say, referencing :class:`ContentType` ID from fixtures, working around their dynamic creation by having own content type fixture. This, however, prevents you from specifying those in fixtures attribute, as flush emits post-sync signal causing ContentTypes to be created.
+By specifying ``TEST_DATABASE_FLUSH_COMMAND``, you can reference a function for custom flushing (you can use resetdb instead).
+.. Note::
+    You must specify function object directly (it takes one argument, test_case object). Recognizing objects from string is not yet supported as it's not needed for me - patches and tests welcomed.
 .. _django-sane-testing:
 .. _Selenium:
 .. _Selenium RC:
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