Lukas Linhart avatar Lukas Linhart committed 27526d8

Make flushing cache optional (resf #30)

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 __all__ = ("CherryPyLiveServerPlugin", "DjangoLiveServerPlugin", "DjangoPlugin", "SeleniumPlugin", "SaneTestSelectionPlugin")
-def flush_cache():
+def flush_cache(test_case=None):
     from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
-    djangosanetesting.cache.flush_django_cache()
+    from django.conf import settings
+    if (test_case and hasattr(test_case, "flush_django_cache") and test_case.flush_django_cache) \
+        or (not hasattr(test_case, "flush_django_cache") and getattr(settings, "DST_FLUSH_DJANGO_CACHE", False)):
+        djangosanetesting.cache.flush_django_cache()
 def get_test_case_class(nose_test):
     if isinstance(nose_test.test,
         if hasattr(test_case, '_old_root_urlconf'):
             settings.ROOT_URLCONF = test_case._old_root_urlconf
-        flush_cache()
+        flush_cache(test_case)
 class DjangoTranslationPlugin(Plugin):


 CACHE_BACKEND = 'locmem://'
 from config import *
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