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buildnotify / Configuration

How to use

Execute /usr/bin/ in a terminal. It should display a new icon in the notification tray. Right click and configure as per the instructions below. You could also create a launcher by using the ubuntu Main Menu editor.


Given a url pointing to cctray.xml, BuildNotify notifies you of any changes in the project status for all projects in the CruiseControl server instance. You need to enter an absolute url pointing to the actual cctray.xml resource.


Tray Menu

Each project is represented with an icon indicating the last build status. If the build is still in progress, an activity indicator icon is used to indicate the server activity. All projects in the configured CruiseControl instances contribute to the overall build status which is displayed in the tray. Clicking on any project in the tray menu would take you to the project page on the CruiseControl server.