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Django Account Application

This is django application that provides registration and account management features for users like changing password, restoring password etc.

Project page: http://bitbucket.org/lorien/django-account/

For installation instructions look into INSTALL document.

Settings (for actual list look into account/settings.py)

  • ACCOUNT_REGISTRATION (True): allow registration on site
  • ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION (True): require the activation via email
  • LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL (default): redirect to this url after successful authentication.
  • ACCOUNT_CAPTCHA (False): show captcha in registration form
  • ACCOUNT_CAPTCHA_FIELD ('captcha.fields.CaptchaField'): class of captcha field
  • DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL (default): email which will be filled to From header of every sended email
  • ACCOUNT_AUTH_KEY_TIMEOUT (60 * 60 * 24): number of seconds that newly generated auth key is valid
  • ACCOUNT_DOMAIN (not.defined.com): domain of the site
  • ACCOUNT_AGREEMENT (False): display checkbox with message about user agreement
  • ACCOUNT_AGREEMENT_LINK (''): link to page with user agreement document
  • ACCOUNT_AGREEMENT_TEXT ('...'): message neare checkbox