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Welcome to the development home of wpa_supplicant for OS/2 based systems

Long time ago wpa_supplicant was ported to OS/2 for use with xwlan/wlanstat. AFAIK the first version was based on the official wpa_supplicant code v0.5.7. Think it was made by Willibald Meyer. Maybe together with Christian Langanke (original author of xwlan). Later on Paul Smedley distributed different versions. Finally I (Andreas Buchinger) together with Paul set up the svn repository at This was with version v2.2 which I packet together with xwlan/wlanstat. This was done in 2014 and labeled v2.2 (eCS-v1). This build served us well since years.

In 2017 there was discovered a vulnerability in WPA2 handshake code which breaks the security of WPA2 protected networks. More detailed description of this vulnerability called KRACK ("Key Reinstallation Attack")

With older wpa_supplicant versions, it may be possible for an attacker to cause TPK M2 to be retransmitted with delay that would be able to trigger reinstallation of TK on the peer receiving TPK M2 (CVE-2017-13086). This may open a short window for the attack with v2.3, v2.4, and v2.5; and a longer window with older versions.

Although chances are low that someone out there want to break into an OS/2 machine I started to look into this.

Although I like and like to say a big THANK YOU to Adrian who still runs the site I think it's time to move to some more modern development home page. Although I like netlabs trac it's a bit outdated and does have some shortcomings/bugs. Moreover Adrian clearly stated he don't want expand his services with git. So I tried out bitbucket. No, github is not an option for me for various reason. I'm still testing bitbucket but as far as I explored until now I'm impressed how well it works. I know Altlassion since years and I'm confident this here is a good place to give my work an official home.

Current executable packages for downloading Download page

  • 20180429: v2.7-devel.RC1, based on development branch of upcoming v2.7 version. There are a lot of updates compared to our v2.2. Most notable the fix for KRACK. Included is wpa_gui a QT frontend which enables you to manage your wireless profiles without xwlan/wlanstat Current package
  • 20180313: v2.7-devel.beta, now outdated