Overwrite of username may not be correct thing to do

Issue #8 resolved
Danny Thomson
created an issue

In AddMercurialIniKeys.vi the ui usename is set to be the Windows username, so for example datman01 the result will be

username = datman01

howeve it is more typical with mercuial to have a uername wih an email address atached like

username =datman01 somebody.somewhere@hotmailcom

if anybody has already cofigued this it will be overwritten

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  1. Andreas Stark repo owner

    This goes back to the days I first started on Mercurial. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for new users (basically just install Hg and then the installer from this project and start working). I should add an option to either don't change the default user name or to set is as a name <email> type one.

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