Allow user to select which diff types to see ie front panel or block diagram etc

Issue #9 on hold
Danny Thomson
created an issue

I had a similar application I wrote to use with ClearCase and I allowed e uesr to select if they wanted FP or BD changes attributes positio etc.

See here for more details and the code

this woul be easy to add to this project



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  1. Danny Thomson reporter


    I am looking at adding this option into the code,but have a question, to use this the will not only pop up showing the child & parent but now also the diff options set to the standard default, in order for the user to interact with this it will now need to have a "Compare" or "Diff" button on it that will need pressing before it does the compare, Are you happy with this or do you want me to fork the code ?

  2. Andreas Stark repo owner

    I'm not sure if you want that at least one click more for every diff operation, so I'm putting that on hold. If more people request that feature, I can work it in.

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