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I encountered a error when launch pid :

itfanr@itfanr-pc:catkin_ws$ roslaunch pid servo_sim.launch 
... logging to /home/itfanr/.ros/log/9736a478-b7e1-11e8-b3ca-408d5c402b0c/roslaunch-itfanr-pc-6373.log
Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

started roslaunch server http://itfanr-pc:41313/


 * /left_wheel_pid/Kd: 0.1
 * /left_wheel_pid/Ki: 0.0
 * /left_wheel_pid/Kp: 5.0
 * /left_wheel_pid/cutoff_frequency: 20
 * /left_wheel_pid/lower_limit: -10
 * /left_wheel_pid/max_loop_frequency: 105.0
 * /left_wheel_pid/min_loop_frequency: 95.0
 * /left_wheel_pid/upper_limit: 10
 * /left_wheel_pid/windup_limit: 10
 * /rosdistro: kinetic
 * /rosversion: 1.12.14
 * /servo_sim_node/plant_order: 2

    left_wheel_pid (pid/controller)
    rqt_plot (rqt_plot/rqt_plot)
    rqt_reconfigure (rqt_reconfigure/rqt_reconfigure)
    rqt_robot_monitor (rqt_robot_monitor/rqt_robot_monitor)
    servo_sim_node (pid/plant_sim)
    setpoint_node (pid/setpoint_node)

auto-starting new master
process[master]: started with pid [6383]

setting /run_id to 9736a478-b7e1-11e8-b3ca-408d5c402b0c
process[rosout-1]: started with pid [6397]
started core service [/rosout]
process[left_wheel_pid-2]: started with pid [6410]
process[servo_sim_node-3]: started with pid [6415]
process[setpoint_node-4]: started with pid [6427]
process[rqt_plot-5]: started with pid [6433]
[ INFO] [1536904017.526642359]: Starting setpoint publisher
process[rqt_reconfigure-6]: started with pid [6444]
process[rqt_robot_monitor-7]: started with pid [6447]
[ INFO] [1536904017.572441504]: Starting simulation of a second-order plant.

Kp: 5,  Ki: 0,  Kd: 0.1
LPF cutoff frequency: 20
pid node name: /left_wheel_pid
Name of topic from controller: control_effort
Name of topic from the plant: state
Name of setpoint topic: setpoint
Integral-windup limit: 10
Saturation limits: 10/-10
[rqt_robot_monitor-7] process has died [pid 6447, exit code 1, cmd /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/rqt_robot_monitor/rqt_robot_monitor __name:=rqt_robot_monitor __log:=/home/itfanr/.ros/log/9736a478-b7e1-11e8-b3ca-408d5c402b0c/rqt_robot_monitor-7.log].
log file: /home/itfanr/.ros/log/9736a478-b7e1-11e8-b3ca-408d5c402b0c/rqt_robot_monitor-7*.log
[rqt_plot-5] process has died [pid 6433, exit code 1, cmd /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/rqt_plot/rqt_plot /control_effort/data /state/data /setpoint/data __name:=rqt_plot __log:=/home/itfanr/.ros/log/9736a478-b7e1-11e8-b3ca-408d5c402b0c/rqt_plot-5.log].
log file: /home/itfanr/.ros/log/9736a478-b7e1-11e8-b3ca-408d5c402b0c/rqt_plot-5*.log
[ INFO] [1536904022.578577497]: prev_time is 0, doing nothing

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  1. Andy Zelenak repo owner

    This is hard for me to debug. It works well from my PC, both from source and from binary. My PC is ROS Kinetic, Ubuntu 16.04, 64-bit.

    Which version of ROS are you on? Source or binary? Can you give me any more hints? Did you modify anything?

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