This is a collection of trinkets as referenced in a blog post 
in http://tara-hanoi.dreamwidth.org/3063.html

	The intent of this collection is not to teach any particular techniques 
in these languages. These are just examples of quick scripts I whipped up a long
time ago as proofs of concept to solidify my knowledge, or just to prove that 
some random idea would or wouldn't work.

	The idea of writing trinkets may not be the best idea in the world, but 
I personally find that it's incredibly helpful to create a little sandpit for 
ideas before they're put into production code. ;)

Technical note:
	These were developed on a variety of UNIX and Linux systems, and are 
intended for use on same. I have spared no thought for non *nix systems (purely 
because I don't develop on them and intended these purely as an instructional
exercise), however feel free to modify them as you wish.