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Luna is a tiny vector-based drawing library. It currently uses svgwrite to produce SVG output and Cairo for PNG and PDF.


Luna is licensed under the two-clause BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.


Install svgwrite and cairocffi using PIP:

pip install svgwrite cairocffi

You can now use Luna by using import luna. If only SVG output is required, the cairocffi module can be omitted, and vice versa for PNG & PDF output. There are no further dependencies for Luna. However, the examples require numpy.

Design goals

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient instancing: It should be possible to create prototype objects and distribute them in the scene
  • Pure Python: It should be possible to run a pure-Python version with no external dependencies. This is particularly important for Windows.

Luna is designed as a declarative, object-oriented drawing system. All primitives are represented as objects and assembled into a tree. This tree is eventually processed by the backends and converted into the target format. The abstraction is modeled after common 2D drawing libraries and standards. It should be possible to provide backends in every popular 2D drawing toolkit.

General usage

The main class in Luna is Drawing, which represents a drawing. Elements can be freely created and added to the drawing using Add.