A simple program which tells me which server hasn't been updated recently. Servers are stored into a Dict, and ordered by timestamp.

What is used

It uses DETS, Disk Erlang Term Storage system to load the dicts I need.

How to use it

To build the escript, you will need erlang and elixir (provided by your system's packet manager or taken from github). Then in this directory, you type mix and poof! magic!

$ ./majremind -h | --help  
$ ./majremind -l | --list # not an ordered one 
$ ./majremind -L | --last  
$ ./majremind -t | --take-care-of "server that has been upgraded recently"
$ ./majremind -a | --add "new server"
$ ./majremind -r | --remove "server to remove"

You can use the functions directly from IEx, by typing: $ iex -S mix

A nice way to use it would be to interface it with a shell script and libnotify:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
server=$(majremind -L)
notify "Server" "Lastest server to be updated is ${server}"

Put this script in your $PATH (I usually put it in ~/.local/bin/) and bind a key to it! :D Debug chain:

  • [SOLVED] Apparently, I was stupid enough to think that the results would print by themselves without IO.puts. That never happens and if you think so, stop.