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Added regression test for hidden widget issue.

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     body = MarkupField(no_rendered_field=True)
+class CallableDefault(models.Model):
+    """
+    A callable default on a field triggers hidden widget rendering by Django.
+    """
+    body = MarkupField(default=lambda:'')
 from markitup.templatetags.markitup_tags import _get_markitup_context
 from markitup.widgets import MarkItUpWidget, MarkupTextarea, AdminMarkItUpWidget
-from models import Post, AbstractParent
+from models import Post, AbstractParent, CallableDefault
+class HiddenFieldFormTests(TestCase):
+    def setUp(self):
+ = CallableDefault(body='[link]( & "text"')
+        self.form_class = modelform_factory(CallableDefault)
+    def testHiddenFieldContents(self):
+        form = self.form_class(
+        self.assertEquals(unicode(form['body']), (
+            u'<textarea id="id_body" rows="10" cols="40" name="body">'
+            u'[link]( &amp; &quot;text&quot;'
+            u'</textarea><input type="hidden" name="initial-body" value="'
+            u'[link]( &amp; &quot;text&quot;" '
+            u'id="initial-id_body" />'
+        ))
 class PreviewTests(TestCase):
     def test_preview_filter(self):
         c = Client()
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