Aram Dulyan avatar Aram Dulyan committed 3a226c5

Fixed an issue with more than one simple tags being broken up with a <br/> where the second line is blank.

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         Strip the given tag from the end of the stack if it was just opened.        
         Returns True if the strip was successful.
-        if not (self.just_opened \
-                and self.open_simple_tags \
+        if not (self.open_simple_tags \
                 and self.open_simple_tags[0] == tag):
             return False
         for stack, idx in self._reverse_stack_iter():
 More text.
+Make sure empty lines aren't polluted with broken-up tags.
+>>> convert('<strong><em>Text.<br /></em></strong>')
 Ensure sole images aren't unnecessarily indented.
 >>> convert('<div>Text.</div><div><img src="image.jpg" /></div>')
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