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Move the README to a more introductive-style README, that links to the
online documentation.

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-To build Stone, you need ocaml and the following dependancies :
-- config-file
-- cow
-It is highly recommended to install them from the ocamlpro's Opam
-package manager (
-Then, just run `./configure`, then `make` to build stone's binary, so
-you can build the complete html documentation by typing `./stone
-Now, just open the doc/site/index.html page with your favorite web
-browser !
+### "Just write it": easily generate portfolios, documentation, ...
+Stone is a static website generator: it takes a template, a css
+stylesheet, the content itself written in a high-level formatting
+syntax, and generates the corresponding html pages.
+However, Stone isn't generalistic: his goal is to provide a very easy
+way to generate simple websites like a portfolio, or the pages of
+documentation for a small project. That is quite limitated, but Stone
+tries to be good at what it aims.
+You can find a complete documentation
+[here]( and build instructions