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99grad (dd446d488785)
  1. David Bascom
  • [BUGFIX] static dce: Enable preview of static dce in typo3 backend

  • [BUGFIX] static dce: nested sectionFields not displayed

  • [BUGFIX] see Bug #69963: Multiple static dce on same page have caching issue and always return the same (first) dce

Comments (8)

  1. Armin Vieweg

    Wow thanks! Sorry that I let you wait this long. But currently I have issues with new form engine to fix. Stay tuned I will check your patch and report, later.

  2. David Bascom author

    Hello Armin! Might be worth having a closer look at our changes now. We got the static dce up and working with many improvements and bugfixes. We have been testing it now for a couple of days in 3 projects and everything is running smooth. Great fun using the static dces now: A clean list-view with custom wizard icon in the backend, static dce fully editable over the backend (including the path to the custom wizard icon) – changes get saved back to the filesystem.

    We made one big change that we should discuss: We changed the field wizard_custom_icon from "file" to "file_reference" – you'll probably cry out loud now and ask "if a change, then why not fal?". Explaination below, seemed logical to us – maybe you have a better idea :.

  3. Bilel ELLOUZE

    Hello Armin, I have a problem with the extension dce installed in TYPO3 version 7.4.0. I could not change the value of a typolink type field using the link selection window.

  4. David Bascom author

    Hello Armin! I see that some of your recent changes are conflicting with our bugfixes. If you like, we can try to merge them with your new pull requests. Just tell me, when a good time would be to do so. Would be too bad if these really nice features got lost in the next update – they are elementary, otherwise the static DCE doesn't work. And static dce is the future!! ;))

  5. Armin Vieweg

    Hi David, yes indeed I will spend the next days with adding some new features. After these have been released (1.2) I will focus on file based dces.

  6. Gregor Agnes

    Hi Armin,

    let me first say thank you for your great extension.

    Just curious: I want to use the static dce feature as a part of my Distribution Extensions. As David said: I think static dce are the future :) Is there any progress on that? Is there a way to help?

    Regards, Gregor