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Project is discontinued

I'm sad and sorry to announce that there won't be updates of the virtual world client Teapot anymore. I apologize for any inconvenience about that, however the "real world" needs me more right now. I keep the source repositories online, so developers of other viewers can pick whatever they find useful (if anything).

Teapot was

Teapot was a client software for virtual world servers, such as OpenSimulator or Second Life(tm). It was/is based on the Second Life(tm) viewer 3.3.2, see release notes for more details.

Teapot has almost any patches of the Kokua viewer of the time until September 2011 merged in, most of which I'm anyway the author.
Future patches of Kokua or other viewers may or may not find their way into Teapot. However rather intended is that other viewers can easiely pick what they like from Teapot, future work on the Documentation will hopefully make that even easier.

Teapot was NOT

Teapot was NOT "Teapot-Viewer" which is a different software for viewing OpenGL models. You find it here:

Teapot was/is NOT made or provided or supported by or affiliated with Linden Lab(tm), the makers of Second Life(tm).
To my best knowledge Teapot fulfilled the requirements for a viewer that is allowed to connect to Second Life(tm) - it was/is compliant to the TPVP as of 09/2012. However it was/is not registered at the TPV List which won't change in future.

Teapot was started as

Teapot was started as a "one shot" project - but there where so many nice patches floating around my hard drive that I couldn't resist to have a second, and a third shot ...

But please:

Consider it as my very personal viewer of which I'm sharing the code and the binaries because I have them anyway. Very likely I won't have much time for maintaining any support for users (examples: "Help! How does X work?" - "There is a bug" - "I loved to have the feature Y"). If you need that kind of support, please use a different viewer, there are lots, and really great ones (try Cool VL Viewer, Firestorm, Imprudence, Kirstens, Singularity - just to name a few ... in alphabetcal order ... ).

Hope you enjoyed it!


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