BGIf - Fortran Interface to the WinBGIm Library

BGIf is a simple interface to the WinBGIm Library, a modern Windows implementation of the Borland Graphics Interface. The original library can be downloaded from:

The Fortran interface aims to provide all functionality available in the C++ version.


You'll first need to compile and install WinBGIm itself. If you've already compiled that library, you'll be all set to build and install this.

TODO: Instructions...


When you're constructing Fortran programs using this interface, simply pull in the bgi module:

use bgi

To compile a program using this library, you'll need the following library flags in addition to the flags for including this and WinBGIm itself:

-lgdi32 -lcomdlg32 -luuid -loleaut32 -lole32 -lstdc++

Note that libstdc++ is necessary for linking with GNU Fortran to pull in the components needed by WinBGIm itself since it is a C++ library.

An example is included that shows how graphics are initialized and minimally used.


The (incomplete) documentation is available at:

The original C documentation can be found at:

BGIf - Fortran Interface to the WinBGIm Library by Jeff Armstrong Copyright 2013 Approximatrix, LLC

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