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My .emacs.d file without private data.

## Using this .emacs.d

To use it, clone this repo to ~/.emacs.d, symlink the .emacs to ~/.emacs, create a new private folder, change the private path in the .hgsub (so you don’t 
inadvertedly push your private data to the net) and create a new named branch. 

* hg clone https://bitbucket.org/ArneBab/.emacs.d ~/.emacs.d
* ln -s ~/.emacs.d/.emacs ~/.emacs
* cd ~/.emacs.d
* rm -r private
* sed -i s/private\ =\ .*/private\ =\ private/ .hgsub 
* hg branch <YOUR_NAME>
* hg commit -m "Now this is MY .emacs.d"

## Keeping it up to date

To update your branch from the repo, just merge the default branch into your branch:

* hg merge default
* hg commit -m "Merge default into <YOUR_NAME>"

## Contributing improvements

If you want to share your improvements, there are two possibilities:

(a) if you do not have private adaptions in your branch, which would disturb the workflow of others, just merge your branch into default.

(b) if some of your changes should not go into default, just graft the right changesets from your branch into default:

* hg update default
* hg graft GOOD_REV1 GOOD_REV2 192 {234..242} ...

## Required external packages

Gentoo testing:

* app-emacs/bbdb
* app-emacs/remember
* app-emacs/emms
* app-emacs/cedet
* app-emacs/auto-complete

Gentoo stable:

* app-emacs/mailcrypt
* app-emacs/wanderlust

Python PyPI:

* easy_install jedi
* easy_install epc