10-year-anniversary-raffle-2 / Raffle-Questions.txt

What dev tools are you using to integrate with Bitbucket?

	emacs, komodo, wingware, command line

What dev tools would you like to see integrated with Bitbucket?

	A windows client like TortoiseHG, but with a better interface. Something like that with Bitbucket support built in would probably help boost popularity with Windows based developers.

	A widget that lets us export our activities (branching, repo creation/deletions) to a service like LinkedIn. (Similar to the GitHub widget. Non-developers see that and it makes for a good conversation starter.)

What feature would you like to have improved the most on Bitbucket?
	PLEASE. Please please please increase the cookie timeout. It is so annoying to have to re-login to the website so frequently. PLEASE. Pretty please?
	ArneBab: I don’t have to relogin at all. Could it be some browser-setting or other local stuff? (I’m not from bitbucket, just saw your raffle-answers and thought I could ask… ;)

For your free Bitbucket t-shirt, what size will you need?

	Sorry, can't make it to the party, I'm out on the east coast. I hope you all have a great time, and keep up the good work!