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b: add a commit-like action

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 add version command to report what version of b we're using  | owner:Michael, open:False, id:4982d102b75bda27e54c16293350ff561c248921, time:1278106694.44
 Ability to run read-only command from a specified revision -R | owner:Michael, open:False, id:6345fce4a284b182a376e1affa02eb774436689f, time:1319037514.92
 Files should be added to mercurial at the end, not the begining of the call | owner:Michael, open:False, id:6ba1ae74c48a6fd84c5d0698fa8169a28e88b343, time:1277680246.97
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+# Lines starting with '#' and sections without content
+# are not displayed by a call to 'details'
+# Paths related to this bug.
+# suggested format: REPO_PATH:LINENUMBERS
+# Additional details
+Add a commit-like action that uses (parts of) the bug's description
+to fill-in the commit message.
+# The expected result
+  # hg b details X
+  Title: BLABLA
+  ID: ..........
+  Owned By: someone@somewhere
+  Filed On: some date
+  [details]
+  The protocol document should be properly formatted as a proper RFC
+  Signed-off-by: someone@somewhere
+  # hg b commit X    (or alias: hg b ci X)
+  (Maybe some text here to indicate success...)
+  # hg log -v -r tip
+  changeset:   X:.......
+  tag:         tip
+  user:        someone@somewhere
+  date:        some date
+  files:       .bugs/.....
+  description:
+  bug: BLABLA
+  The protocol document should be properly formatted as a proper RFC
+  Signed-off-by: someone@somewhere
+# What happened instead
+The user has to re-type (or copy/paste) the bug description in
+the commit message.
+# Reproduction steps
+# Comments and updates - leave your name