Michael Diamond committed 96225d2

Filed version-testing bug

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 Should output prefix of newly added bug if possible          | owner:Michael, open:False, id:1364b6de76f3b532867da63223a45d429ba08a46, time:1277687762.41
+New version testing collides with old b.version string       | owner:Michael, open:True, id:16d8ee7f1e369472542ac9cebecf2b113dfbaf23, time:1335967376.96
 list command reports no such file when bugs dir doesn't exist | owner:Michael, open:False, id:21d24c2b58102a88fa7d6ee78cd190c5b10dafa1, time:1278106675.1
 Need to add bug files automatically                          | owner:Michael, open:False, id:27e00056bfc988ab41c023b5c0a9db9f5e9fa527, time:1277581398.52
 missing unicode support                                      | owner:ArneBab, open:True, id:286b661789a9b4ae60ffd0754888cf43563ce668, time:1306670417.88


+# Lines starting with '#' and sections without content
+# are not displayed by a call to 'details'
+# Paths related to this bug.
+# suggested format: REPO_PATH:LINENUMBERS
+# Additional details
+You received an email from Simon Heimberg with the subject 'Bug b-dev: b.version exists in stable, it is a string':
+the comment to version() in of branch b-dev is wrong.
+b.version exists in older version, it is the version string.
+This also means the test for older versions should be something like
+bversion = getattr(b,"version",None)
+if callable(bversion):
+# The expected result
+# What happened instead
+# Reproduction steps
+# Comments and updates - leave your name
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