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Shared Codeswarm

Project goal

This project aims towards producing shared code_swarm videos across free software 
projects - and the long-term goal tracking the progress of software projects visually 
in near-realtime. 

If you read [Otherland][otherland-amazon]: code_swarm should be quite capable of 
delivering a codegarden which tracks the progress and dynamics of our free software 
community (in analogy to the Otherland 
[packet garden]( ). 


The movies should look similar to the following, but with a smaller timeframe (a 
week instead of half a year) and more projects: 


[watch a shared codeswarm example video](shared_codeswarm-example.avi)

You can find additional information on its 
[website]( and in the [code 
(if you're on the website right now: you're reading the automatically parsed 
and uploaded readme :) ). 


In the directory containing the 

* python --codeswarm-path "absolute path to the codeswarm dir"

For it to work, you need [pyyaml](, 
[Mercurial]( with [code swarm style][hg_style_codeswarm] 
and naturally [code_swarm]( installed. 


An example of an automatically created shared_codeswarm website is
[my_codeswarms]( which tracks the activity some of my 
other projects. 


Please tell me if you use this script - and more so if you have ideas how to improve it. 

You can reach me via the [contact form]( on my website. 

Implementation plan

- *A simple list (config) which maps repository names to repository update commands. - done*
- *A directory with incoming repositories. - done*
- *A directory with already parsed repositories. - done*
- *Codeswarm-creation from combined logs. - done*
- *Automated website creation with the codeswarms. - done*
- Automated codeswarm config creation from the simple.config. 

The ultimate goal is to create an almost real time codeswarm movie which tracks how 
your favorite free software projects evolve _right now_.