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conf - Initialize modern autotools projects

Inspired by Mozilla Cargo ( http://doc.crates.io/guide.html ) but without the NIH and currently more limited in scope.

See NEWS for user-visible changes. See ChangeLog or the history for detailed changes.

Usage: Create a new project

conf new hello_world  --lang bash

Currently implemented languages: bash (full) and python (partial). Adding new languages just requires adding the relevant extensions to the configure.ac and Makefile.am templates.

build conf

./autogen.sh ; make


./autogen.sh && make install

To install only for the current user, use

./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME/.local && make install

Also see

make help

For details on installing a release, see INSTALL



Release Process

  • Check/Update NEWS
  • Increase version in configure.ac (see semver.org)
  • Commit, merge to stable and tag (see branching1)

    ./autogen.sh && make distcheck


We need bash for Makefiles, so we can use bash for scripting.