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concurrent improvement via futures.

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-X, Y = 120, 30
-rows = 20
+X, Y = 120, 60
+rows = 40
 from d6.char import Char
 from random import choice, randint, shuffle
         enemy.new_experience += 1
-def preparemovement(me, battlefield):
+def preparemovement(me):
     """Gather the data needed for movement."""
     if me.wounds[1]:
 def battleround():
     """a single round of battle"""
-    # concurrent preparation
-    # step-by-step action
-    for me in (f.result() for f in as_completed([et.submit(preparemovement, me, battlefield) for me in fighters])):
+    for me in map(preparemovement, fighters):
         if not me:
         for step in (me.forwards, me.sidewards, me.odd):
         if me.wounds[0]:
             me.letter = me.let
+    # concurrent character improvement. Might not be finished, when the next round starts, but hey: We learn in battle :), fighters)
 def meancost(team):
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