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position cost: 13 → 20

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 ## Basics
-WEIGHT_POSITION = 13 #: reference cost - gets multiplied with the COST_PER_KEY.
+WEIGHT_POSITION = 20 #: reference cost - gets multiplied with the COST_PER_KEY.
 WEIGHT_CRITICAL_FRACTION = 0.001 #: The bigram count with a fraction of the bigrams higher than this is increased sharply, relative to the amount by which they exceed the fraction. Value guessed from experience from effchen (adnw ln disturbs writing, below that does not). 0.1% is about twice per DinA4-page (30 lines, 60 letters). There should be no bad combination which appears twice per DinA4 page, because that will stick to ones mind as a cludge.
 WEIGHT_CRITICAL_FRACTION_MULTIPLIER = 2 #: The amount of usage higher than the critical fraction is multiplied by this multiplier. Warning: Any value different from 1 means that stats reported by will be incorrect.