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it could get much better results if it would be able to use multiple threads, multiple cores. In my case for example, I could use 6x3.2GHz instead of 3.2GHz.

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  1. Anonymous
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    You can start multiple instances which will run on different cores, so if you have 6 cores you can start it 6 times. This won’t speed up the single layouts, but will give you more layouts within the same time (6 instead of 1). Because you will propably use it to generate a bunch of layouts the result is the same.

  2. Arne Babenhauserheide repo owner

    I normally run 3 to 4 instances of the script in screen sessions. They write atomically so they can use the same output file.

    I agree that multithreading would be nice (or rather multiprocessing, the support in Python-Threads for multiple cores is non-optimal), but currently it would not give the highest benefits.

    More intelligent caching should provide much stronger performance increases.

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