evolve-keyboard-layout /

#!/usr/bin/env python3

"""get all layout results from the results folder.

Depends on the layouts info starting with OA'Evolved Layout'

from check_neo import string_to_layout, print_layout_with_statistics, csv_data
from os import listdir
from os.path import join

def get_all_layouts_in_text_files_in(folder="results"):
    """get all layouts from check_neo runs saved in the textfile."""
    d = ""
    for i in listdir("results"):
        if not i.endswith(".txt"):
        with open(join("results", i), encoding="utf-8") as f:
                d +=
            except UnicodeError:
                print("can’t open", i)

    e = d.split("Evolved Layout")
    layout_strings = []
    for i in e[1:]:
    all_layouts = [string_to_layout(l) for l in layout_strings]
    return all_layouts

if __name__ == "__main__":

    print_csv = False

    if print_csv: 
        print("total penalty per word;key position cost;finger repeats;disbalance of fingers;top to bottom or vice versa;handswitching in trigram;(rows²/dist)²;shortcut keys;handswitching after unbalancing;movement pattern")

    data = None
    i_want_the_data_for_the_reference_sentence = False
    if i_want_the_data_for_the_reference_sentence: 
        with open("beispieltext-reference-sentence.txt") as f:
            data =
    all_layouts = get_all_layouts_in_text_files_in("results")

    for lay in all_layouts:
        if print_csv: 
                            for i in csv_data(lay, data=data)]
            print("# Evolved Layout")
            print_layout_with_statistics(lay, verbose=True, data=data)