Gregory Szorc committed 6e05aa1

Optimize get_git_author

Pre-compile regular expression. Prevent extra key lookup in author_map.

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 import util
 from overlay import overlayrepo
+RE_GIT_AUTHOR = re.compile('^(.*?) ?\<(.*?)(?:\>(.*))?$')
 class GitProgress(object):
     """convert git server progress strings into mercurial progress"""
     def __init__(self, ui):
         author = ctx.user()
         # see if a translation exists
-        if author in self.author_map:
-            author = self.author_map[author]
+        author = self.author_map.get(author, author)
         # check for git author pattern compliance
-        regex = re.compile('^(.*?) ?\<(.*?)(?:\>(.*))?$')
-        a = regex.match(author)
+        a = RE_GIT_AUTHOR.match(author)
         if a:
             name = self.get_valid_git_username_email(
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