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mq: lose the trailing whitespace

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 def diff(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
     """diff of the current patch and subsequent modifications
     Shows a diff which includes the current patch as well as any changes which
     have been made in the working directory since the last refresh (thus
     showing what the current patch would become after a qrefresh).
     Use 'hg diff' if you only want to see the changes made since the last
     qrefresh, or 'hg export qtip' if you want to see changes made by the
     current patch without including changes made since the qrefresh.
 def pop(ui, repo, patch=None, **opts):
     """pop the current patch off the stack
     By default, pops off the top of the patch stack. If given a patch name,
     keeps popping off patches until the named patch is at the top of the stack.
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