hg-i18n-de / hgeditor

# This is an example of using HGEDITOR to create of diff to review the
# changes while commiting.

# If you want to pass your favourite editor some other parameters
# only for Mercurial, modify this:
case "${EDITOR}" in
        EDITOR="$EDITOR -nw"
        EDITOR="$EDITOR -f -o"

cleanup_exit() {
    rm -rf "$HGTMP"

# Remove temporary files even if we get interrupted
trap "cleanup_exit" 0 # normal exit
trap "exit 255" HUP INT QUIT ABRT TERM

HGTMP=$(mktemp -d ${TMPDIR-/tmp}/hgeditor.XXXXXX)
[ x$HGTMP != x -a -d $HGTMP ] || {
  echo "Could not create temporary directory! Exiting." 1>&2
  exit 1

    grep '^HG: changed' "$1" | cut -b 13- | while read changed; do
        "$HG" diff "$changed" >> "$HGTMP/diff"

cat "$1" > "$HGTMP/msg"

MD5=$(which md5sum 2>/dev/null) || \
    MD5=$(which md5 2>/dev/null)
[ -x "${MD5}" ] && CHECKSUM=`${MD5} "$HGTMP/msg"`
if [ -s "$HGTMP/diff" ]; then
    $EDITOR "$HGTMP/msg" "$HGTMP/diff" || exit $?
    $EDITOR "$HGTMP/msg" || exit $?
[ -x "${MD5}" ] && (echo "$CHECKSUM" | ${MD5} -c >/dev/null 2>&1 && exit 13)

mv "$HGTMP/msg" "$1"

exit $?
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