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Katsunori FUJIWARA  committed 3c5e818

windows: use upper() instead of lower() or os.path.normcase()

this patch uses upper() instead of lower() or os.path.normcase() for
case folding on Windows(NTFS), because lower-ing causes problems for
some languages on it.

see below for detail about problem of lower-ing:


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File hgext/win32mbcs.py

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 # NOTE: os.path.dirname() and os.path.basename() are safe because
 #       they use result of os.path.split()
 funcs = '''os.path.join os.path.split os.path.splitext
- os.path.splitunc os.path.normpath os.path.normcase os.makedirs
+ os.path.splitunc os.path.normpath os.makedirs
+ mercurial.windows.normcase
+ mercurial.util.normcase
  mercurial.util.endswithsep mercurial.util.splitpath mercurial.util.checkcase
  mercurial.util.fspath mercurial.util.pconvert mercurial.util.normpath
  mercurial.util.checkwinfilename mercurial.util.checkosfilename'''

File mercurial/windows.py

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 def normpath(path):
     return pconvert(os.path.normpath(path))
-normcase = os.path.normcase
+def normcase(path):
+    return path.upper()
 def realpath(path):