Katsunori FUJIWARA  committed 4751d51

windows: force specified path to be audited in localpath form

pathauditor is invoked not only for localpath form using "os.sep" as
separator, but also for normalized form using "/": for example, hg
internal path like "store/data" under ".hg", or ones normalized by
match object

this causes insufficient repository nesting check, because current
pathauditor implementation divides specified path into components by
"os.sep", and this causes to treat multiple path components joined by
"/" as single one on Windows environment.

this patch applies "util.localpath()" on specified path to force it to
be divided into components correctly.

in fact, root for pathauditor also uses multiple path separator on
Windows. but this does not affect audit itself, so "util.localpath()"
is not applied on it.

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File mercurial/

         '''Check the relative path.
         path may contain a pattern (e.g. foodir/**.txt)'''
+        path = util.localpath(path)
         normpath = self.normcase(path)
         if normpath in self.audited: