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we don’t need os or __name__ == "__main__"

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 #!/usr/bin/env python
 # encoding: utf-8
-"""pull namespaced bookmarks."""
+"""pull namespaced bookmarks.
-import os
+    hg --config extensions.bran=<path/to/> [--prefix <prefix>] [--postfix <postfix>] repo
 from mercurial import commands
 def pullnamespacedbookmarks(ui, repo, target=None, prefix="", postfix="", **opts):
                      "[options] [repo]")
-if __name__ == "__main__": 
-    print """Take the branch rebasing challenge:
-This is a mercurial extension (now). 
-Run it in an empty repo with 
-    hg --config extensions.bran=<path/to/> [--prefix <prefix>] [--postfix <postfix>] repo
-Enjoy your time with Mercurial!