hg-test-namespaced-bookmarks /

#+SEQ_TODO: ❢ | ✔
Branch rebase challenge

* ❢ create 10 random repos
hg clone bba://hg-test-namespaced-bookmarks nb
hg init test
cd test
hg --config extensions.branboo=../nb/ test100branches
.oO(Besides: This planner is Emacs org-mode ☺)Oo.
Music: under GPLv3+
* ❢ Start the timer
* ❢ Get the bookmarks from 10 other users. 
** ❢ Clone the pullnamespacedbookmarks repo
ssh:// ../naboo
(I already did this, but for the sake of timing I’ll repeat it)
hg pulln --prefix $i $i
** ❢ Short shell script
* ❢ Rebase 1 random branch from each user onto tip.
hg rebase -b <branch>