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 From [knittl2010][] we know that git is the clear winner in terms of commit speed if we omit the time needed for adding the data and the time for the frequently needed garbage collection runs, git needs to keep the repository sizes sane. If we take this into account, the question becomes harder to answer. 
-[knittl2010]: "Analysis and Comparison of Distributed Version Control Systems"
+[knittl2010]: "Analysis and Comparison of Distributed Version Control Systems"
 On a typical human workflow, for which [most current performance tests]( are designed, the raw speed of a command doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s not too long, because the time the command takes to complete is far below the time for typing the command — even if you just type “C-r com ENTER”. The [highest typing speed ever measured][] is 216 [words per minute][], which equals 1080 characters, or 56ms per keystroke.