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 * The load is mostly constant. For example the server could get accessed from multiple timezones. 
 * The respective repos of Mercurial, Git, Freenet and rpg-1d6 are good examples for projects written in Python, C(++), Java and general media. 
+### Method
 As actions I’ll first test committing and repository size, because these are the areas, where the biggest changes from the general usecase are to be expected. 
 The changes from the traditional test are: 
 All of these 5 tests will be done with models corresponding to the 4 repository types. The model gets generated by simply getting the files changed in each commit. Then at each iteration a commit is chosen at random and a number of lines are appended to each file corresponding to the full size of the repo divided by the number of total changes to files (sum of the files in each commit). Just using the size of the repo incurs an error, because the individual changes will likely be bigger. This can still be checked later on. 
+### Info
 The files at each commit can be found by simply calling 
 $ hg log --template "{files}\n"
 Afterwards check the size of the repositories. 
+### Testcases
 The testcases are: 
 * Mercurial (hg call, hg dis, git ag, git ng, git g100, git g1000, git ag100)
 ³: cat ~/Quell/Programme/Mercurial/hg-stable/*/*.py git2/*/*.c git2/*/*.c ~/Quell/Programme/freenet/fred-staging-hg/src/freenet/*/*.java ~/ews/*/*.txt ~/ews/*.txt | shuf > random_lines.txt  
 3.1 MiB from freenet, 892 kiB from 1d6, 1.7 MiB from Mercurial and 2,6 MiB from git. 
+### Usage
+Run the script
+$ python