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Fix the bisect section, I hope (bisect is now part of Mercurial).

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File en/examples/bisect

-echo '[extensions]' >> $HGRC
-echo 'hbisect =' >> $HGRC
+# Don't add the bisect extension. That's not needed anymore. 
+#echo '[extensions]' >> $HGRC
+#echo 'hbisect =' >> $HGRC
 # XXX There's some kind of horrible nondeterminism in the execution of
 # bisect at the moment.  Ugh.
 Now let's create a repository, so that we can try out the
 \hgcmd{bisect} command in isolation.
 We'll simulate a project that has a bug in it in a simple-minded way:
 create trivial changes in a loop, and nominate one specific change
 that will have the ``bug''.  This loop creates 35 changesets, each