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<title>Infinite Hands - singing a part of the history of free software (filk) - in Russian</title>
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<meta name="description" content="A filk song about a part of the history of free software - from the beginnings in the MIT labs over sold out code, GNU, the Linux kernel and the crafting of the GPLv3." />
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<p class="zentralbund"><i>Free Software Filk Song</i></p>
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			<h1 class="zentralbund" id="top">Infinite Hands</h1>

<h3 class="zentralbund">Singing a part of the history of free software</h3>


<div style="float: right; width: 120px; text-align: justify; border: thin dashed; padding: 2px;"><em>Russian translation of <a href="index.html">Infinite Hands</a>.</em>
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<p><em>- Free Software version of "<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finity's_End#The_song">Finity's End</a>" <br> &nbsp; original: {lyrics: <a href="http://www.cherryh.com/">CJ Cherryh</a>, music: <a href="http://lesliefish.com/">Leslie Fish</a>}.<br>
- filked by <a href="http://draketo.de">Draketo aka Arne Babenhauserheide</a> <br>
- partly translated into Russian by Ivan Shmakov.</em><br>


<h2>Infinite Hands - in Russian</h2>
        Множество рук, строят свободный
        Мир из кодов и цифр.
        Многолик код, что мы пишем теперь,
        И знамя свободы над ним.

                [The] many of hands, are building [the] free
                World out of codes and digits.
                Has multiple purposes [the] code that we write now,
                And freedom's badge [is] over it.

        Код движет машинами, во множестве мест,
        И счета нет множеству рук,
        Ставший свободным, в день, когда был рожден,
        Никогда не прервется наш труд.

                [The] code drives [the] machines, in many places,
                And [there's] no count for [the] many of hands,
                Became free [the] day when [it] was born,
                Never our work [will] interrupt.

        Ничто нас не свяжет, не остановит ничто,
        Бесконечность у нас и свободна она.
        У нас нет владельцев, у нас нет страны,
        Ведь множество рук -- это мы.

                Nothing will bind us, nothing will stop,
                Infinity's ours and it's free,
                We have no owners, we have no land,
                Because many of hands -- are we.


<p>As you can see, we're still missing quite a few verses. If you want to help completing or improving the translation, please <a href="http://draketo.de/contact">contact draketo</a> and put "[tunnel]: infinite hands in russian" into the subject.</p>

<p>You can also clone the <a href="http://bitbucket.org/ArneBab/infinite-hands">Mercurial source repository</a> and directly send patches / create a fork from which I can pull your changes.</p>


<p>- 2009-11-05 08:37 -<br>
Added a starting point for the translation of infinite hands into russian by Ivan Shmakov. </p>


<em>(yes, german Law requires that)</em>

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