Martin Geisler committed d8628a5

SConstruct: export LANGUAGE in construction environment

SCons parses the command line slightly and it will now automatically
notice that the HTML files depend on our rst2html.

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 for lang in languages:
     env = Environment(RSTFLAGS="--halt 2", LANG=lang,
-                      ENV={"PATH": os.environ["PATH"]})
+                      ENV={"PATH": os.environ["PATH"],
+                           "LANGUAGE": lang})
     env.PrependENVPath('PATH', '.')
     if lang != "en":
     for txt in Flatten(txt_files):
         html = env.Command("$LANG/%s.html" % txt[4:-4], txt,
-                           "LANGUAGE=$LANG rst2html $RSTFLAGS --time"
+                           "rst2html $RSTFLAGS --time"
                            " --stylesheet-path $LANG/style.css --link-stylesheet"
                            " --no-compact-lists --no-compact-field-lists"
                            " $SOURCE $TARGET")