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+#!/usr/bin/env python3
+"""Game logic for survive.
+- They are trying to kill the trees. Defend them as long as possible. base_assets/lpc_home_cup.gif as welcome and as last level. Chris_Phillips__Team River Fox/
+- Intermediate: Casper_Nilsson: Asian theme.
+- The man-eating flowers come to rescue.
+- terrain: a dict containing tiles: objects with image and movement modifier.
+- chars: can move step by step. 
+- timing: one action per round.
+- magic: Daniel_Eddeland → special effects. Additional tactics.
+- use the LPC homepage frame as base level.
+- always focusses on the selected character - except when at the border of the level.
+- Welcome: The tree-cup speaks to you - and revives you from being a zombie back to being a soldier. Then it asks you to save it by stopping the other zombies. Needs a background image a zombie sprite, a soldier sprite and a scrolling text field.
+- First level: Protect the tree lpc_full_assets/Barbara_Rivera__Concept Art for LPC Entry/fullpufftree.png. You have one character and 4 zombies attack.
+#!/usr/bin/env python3
+"""Survive the onslaught by choosing the right formation and tactics."""