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b...@draketo.de  committed 3980fdf

added yaml repo to remove the dependency on an installed yaml.

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 d6repo = https://bitbucket.org/ArneBab/d6
 pygletrepo = https://code.google.com/p/pyglet/
+yamlrepo = [svn]http://svn.pyyaml.org/pyyaml/trunk

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 a710112178674d7a42c485611b6a79f13948ac47 d6repo
 9784952473320916223cdfaf1d45900dc7a171e7 pygletrepo
+384 yamlrepo

File Makefile

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+all: pyglet/__init__.py yaml/__init__.py
 pyglet/__init__.py: pygletrepo/pyglet/*
 	cd pygletrepo; python3 setup.py build
+yaml/__init__.py: yamlrepo/lib3/*
+	cd yamlrepo; python3 setup.py build
+	ln -s yamlrepo/build/lib*/yaml yaml