mercurial-code_swarms / simple.config

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# Simple config file for shared codeswarms. 
# project_name: repo update / creation command (shell)
# The command must create a dir with the projects name. 

# Mercurial, including pbranch and bookmarks
mercurial: hg pull -R mercurial || hg clone -qU mercurial && hg pull -R mercurial ssh:// && hg pull -R mercurial ssh://

tortoisehg: hg pull -R tortoisehg || hg clone -qU ssh:// tortoisehg

# Don't track booksmarks directly since it's a full clone of Mercurial. Instead pull it into mercurial. 
# bookmarks: hg pull -R bookmarks|| hg clone -qU ssh:// bookmarks

cia: hg pull -R cia || hg clone -qU cia

keyword: hg pull -R keyword  || hg clone -qU keyword

rebase: hg pull -R rebase || hg clone -qU rebase

rebase2: hg pull -R rebase2 || hg clone -qU ssh:// rebase2

hgsubversion: hg pull -R hgsubversion || hg clone -qU ssh:// hgsubversion

autopager: hg pull -R autopager || hg clone -qU autopager

hgchangelog: hg pull -R hgchangelog || hg clone -qU hgchangelog

hg-chart-extension: hg pull -R hg-chart-extension || hg clone -qU ssh:// hg-chart-extension

cvscommit: hg pull -R cvscommit || hg clone -qU cvscommit

hgconfig: hg pull -R hgconfig || hg clone -qU ssh:// hgconfig

hgdeps: hg pull -R hgdeps || hg clone -qU hgdeps

digest: hg pull -R digest || hg clone -qU digest

diffstat: hg pull -R diffstat || hg clone -qU diffstat

dotlog: hg pull -R dotlog || hg clone -qU dotlog

forest: hg pull -R forest || hg clone -qU forest

group: hg pull -R group || hg clone -qU group

#trac: hg pull -R trac || hg clone -qU trac
trac: hg convert trac

kerberos: hg pull -R kerberos || hg clone -qU kerberos

localbranch: hg pull -R localbranch || hg clone -qU localbranch

nearest: hg pull -R nearest || hg clone -qU nearest

reviewboard: hg pull -R reviewboard || hg clone -qU reviewboard

qct: hg pull -R qct || hg clone -qU ssh:// qct

hgactivity: hg pull -R hgactivity || hg clone -qU hgactivity

shelve: hg pull -R shelve || hg clone -qU shelve

rdiff: hg pull -R rdiff || hg clone -qU rdiff

# Pull into mercurial instead of cloning
# pbranch: hg pull -R pbranch || hg clone -qU ssh:// pbranch

mercurialeclipse: hg pull -R mercurialeclipse || hg clone -qU mercurialeclipse

freenethg: hg pull -R freenethg || hg clone -qU,E3S1MLoeeeEM45fDLdVV~n8PCr9pt6GMq0tuH4dRP7c,AQACAAE/freenethg/-1/ freenethg

infocalypse: hg pull -R infocalypse || hg clone -qU /home/arne/Quell/Programme/Mercurial/infocalypse infocalypse