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Arne Babenhauserheide  committed 7924ab9

Fail gracefully on reinserting if the generated CHK does not match the original CHK (reason could be a changed hg version).

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File infocalypse/insertingbundles.py

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                     self.parent.ctx.ui_.status("Bad CHK: %s %s\n" %
                                                (str(edge), chk1))
                     self.parent.ctx.ui_.warn("CHK for reinserted edge doesn't "
-                                             + "match!\n")
-                    self.parent.transition(FAILING)
+                                             + "match!\nPossibly inserted with a different version of Mercurial.\n")
+                    return self.parent.transition(FAILING)
             # REDFLAG: retrying?