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Usage instructions to call via D-Bus.

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 # additional documentation - gets added to the docstring by hand, so I can more easily use it in user output
 __install__ = """
-installation and setup:
 - easy_install pyRadKDE
 - Add a mouse gesture for "": go into KDE systemsettings -> keyboard shortcuts -> add a gesture with the action "" (you might have to enable gestures in the settings, too - in the shortcuts-window you should find a settings button).
 - customize the menu by editing the file "~/.pyradrc" or right-clicking items.
+Alternate setup with dbus (much faster but incomplete): 
+- Add "/usr/bin/" as script to your autostart (systemsettings->advanced->autostart) TODO: make it not show the GUI
+- Add the mouse gesture to call D-Bus: Program: org.kde.pyRad ; Object: /MainApplication ; Function: newInstance
 __usage__ = """
 - Edit dialog should have a radio button for the action: "create folder". -todo
 - register a global shortcut / gesture in KDE from within the program -> usable as soon as it's installed. -todo
 - make it show faster. -todo
+- add option --only-daemon to only start the daemon without showing the GUI
 __ideas__ = """