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Arne Babenhauserheide  committed 9c9ad05

replaced --show by --daemon again; broke my udev calls.

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 pyRad 0.4.4
-- Removed --daemon and added --show ⇒ by default pyRad starts hidden.
 - Icon Editor: show a preview of the icon.
 - Icon Editor: Added a delete and a folder. 
 - Register F12 and Meta-F12 (Win-F12) als global shortcuts. 

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             return 0
-        elif not args.isSet("show"): 
+        elif args.isSet("daemon"): 
             ret = super(KUniqueCaller, self).newInstance()
             return ret
     # Add an option to quit the app
     opts = KCmdLineOptions()
     opts.add("quit", ki18n("Shutdown the background program"))
-    opts.add("show", ki18n("Show the rad directly instead of staying in background."))
+    opts.add("daemon", ki18n("Start the background program without showing the GUI "))
     # Then do basic initializing
     app = KUniqueCaller()