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pyRad Changelog

pyRad 0.6.1

- FIX: Crashed on logout and quit via tray icon.

pyRad 0.6.0

- Add a tray icon (status notifier).

pyRad 0.5.3

- FIX: KAboutData breaks udev if given an url with http:// as website.

pyRad 0.5.2

- FIX: non-working image access in eggs.

pyRad 0.5.1

- Added missing image to the source distribution.

pyRad 0.5

- Added a config dialog with flattr.
- FIX: The Edit Dialog description was too long.

pyRad 0.4.4

- Icon Editor: show a preview of the icon.
- Icon Editor: Added a delete and a folder. 
- Register Alt-F6 and Meta-F6 als global shortcuts. 
- FIX: Crash at logout ⇒ Added shutdown handling. 

pyRad 0.4.3

- FIX: wrong console icon in default config.
- FIX: If the tooltip was too long, it wasn’t shown at all. Now only the first 100 chars are shown
- Folders in brackets

pyRad 0.4.2

- Improved the --help output.
- Improved the tooltips for folders.

pyRad 0.4

- Added keyboard shortcuts for all items and hiding via the escape key. 

pyRad 0.3.3

- FIX: KUniqueApplication: TypeError: keyword arguments are not supported

pyRad 0.3.2

- Added --daemon argument to start pyRad without showing the wheel.

pyRad 0.3.1

- FIX: Upper level changes weren't saved.

pyRad 0.3

- Largescale rewrite in the battle for startup performance. It's now a KUniqueApplication and after the first run, subsequent runs only call the already running (but hidden) instance. Still the imports take the major share of the startup time. 
- New command scheme: Right-click always edits the item, middle click adds a new item after the clicked one. 
- Items are arranged clockwise. 
- FIX: Changes in the layout were only effective after the next start. Now changes take effect immediately. 

pyRad 0.2

- Right-click on an item opens an edit dialog. 
- Changes are saved directly to the .pyradrc

pyRad 0.1.1

- moved the Rad class into a seperate file ( - same performance but cleaner.
- added a version header to the .pyradrc file, so it will be possible to update it transparently when changes should be necessary.

pyRad 0.1

- Initial version.