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Piping stderr from adding to /dev/null, since we wouldn't add again in a real life setting.

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 # encoding: utf-8
 """Test the speed of different distributed version control systems. 
-First targets: git and Mercurial
 Proceeding: Just call them via the bash and check their speed with the general_test_function. 
-Ideas: Include bazaar, too. 
-TODO: for multiple file change tests: backup_repo_git(), undo_git(), backup_repo_hg(), undo_hg()
 This was inspired by the tests done at 
 def commit_git(*args): 
     """Commit to the git repository."""
     # Add all files
-    shellcall("git add *")
+    shellcall("git add * 2>/dev/null")
     # And commit
     shellcall("git commit -m 'test'")
 def commit_hg(*args): 
     """Commit all files to the Mercurial repository."""
     # Add all untracked files
-    shellcall("hg add *")
+    shellcall("hg add * 2>/dev/null")
     # And commit
     shellcall("hg commit -m 'test'")
 def commit_bzr(*args): 
     """Commit all files to the Bazaar repository."""
     # Add all untracked files
-    shellcall("bzr add *")
+    shellcall("bzr add * 2>/dev/null")
     # And commit
     shellcall("bzr commit -m 'test'")